Real Alcázar de Sevilla

This is the first post about my trip in Spain and I’ll start with Sevilla.

I’ve never seen something so much decorated such as the Real Alcázar of Sevilla and, in general, all the alcazeres I visited in Andalusia. The decoration of every wall is so rich and overlaborated that gives you a stifling  feeling. This kind of effect can be seen also in catholic churches and this way of covering every centimeter with something is called fear of emptiness (horror vacui).

As you see, every inch is inlayed, murble or wood, coloured or natural, in a geometrical mazy shape that lead to infinity. Unlike occidental churches, this arabic way of decoration is totally based on geometry (the best example of this style is the Alhambra in Granada) and ignore anthropomorphic figures. Water, so rare and preciuos, is always in the centre of every garden and plays a starring role in the whole structure of the palace.

Least but not last, I discovered inside the palace, a room hosting a fans collection from XIX century and before, made of lace, metal, gold, ebony, handmade paintings, inlaid ivory, feathers and paper, that left me speechless.

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