One day in Treviso

Before going to Venice, I spent one day wandering through the streets of Treviso without a destination, looking the windows and visiting churches.

Peaceful and tidy with some colorful hidden corner.

San Nicolò is the most beautiful church of Treviso, for me. It’s the biggest of the town and it amezes for its medieval monumental plant, for the huge frescoes, for some decorated niches and, most of all, for the Madonna surrounded by ex voto.

details of the streets

some old palace still has its original medieval frescoes

a shoemaker has one of the cutest windows of the town, it seems a little wunderkammer!

“Dalla Gigia” is a little restourant-bar, famous for the best fried mozzarella of the town. On the wall is shown a collection of old mobile phones.

details near the canal

a jewelry’s shop window with wonderful pieces of carved coral

inside the church of San Francesco

sculptures on the canal

the fish market

Casa da Noal


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