The most beautiful things of Cambodia pt2

The Angkor region is so wide that it’s impossible to visit every temple, but I couldn’t miss Angkor Wat, the world’s largest religious building. The entire temple is a symbol of the cosmo according to the Hindu cosmology: the central towers representing Mount Meru, home of the gods; the outer walls, the mountains enclosing the world; and the moat, the oceans beyond.

The big dimensions of the building and its ascending costitution make the visit a pilgrimage or a path of purification during which the visitors must cross the river and enter in the “island”, detached from the land. Then he must overcome 3 levels until he reaches the last level, the highest and the nighest to the sky. Contemplating the landscape from the top gives you an estrangement feeling, calm and peaceful sensations.

Angkor Wat

pic by martina

Phrea Kan

Neak Pean

Pre Rup

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