Around the Tonle Sap lake

During the last days of my trip I’ve been around the Tonle Sap lake visiting several floating villages living there. I visited a school and I played with childrens who was waiting for us to come. The happiness in their eyes just for a ballon was worthless. Although these kids are poor I can’t say they were sad as life doesn’t need anything superfluous and useless. I’m not saying their life is perfect, but certainly is purest than ours.

Quite creepy watching kids selling snakes for 1$ just beside the crocodile breeding box, when suddenly the moonson made impossible to take the boat on the way back and stopped our tour for half an hour.

My trip ended up with a balloon tour at dawn and the view of Angkor Wat from the sky.

I’ve never been to Asia before and this was one of the best travels I’ve ever made. Dispite the difference of culture, way of living and people behavior, I never felt awkward or out of place. People is always helpful and kind and I never saw any violence incident or extreme poverty episode. These are developing countries and they need all the support and help from wealthier countries. Respect their culture and you will feel at home.

“Even if a good fame have to be respected, even if the mores of this world have not to be despise, life of human beings is due to the combination of elements, earth, water, fire, wind. ” Hoi Chan Bien, Les Immortels.

If anyone is interested in knowing more I suggest you the guides of Claudio Bussolino.

the monsoon at the village

Angkor Wat from the balloon

murals on Siem Reap streets

Apsara dance

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