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The Alchemical Door

Today, if you visit Piazza Vittorio in Rome, you can see throught the railing, an exceptional building: what remains of the unique testimony of alchemical crafting in 17th century: the Alchemical door. It’s a marble door with jewish, latin and egyptian incriptions,…

Galleria Sciarra

One day I was walking near the Trevi Fountain and, completly unaware, I entered in this gallery. Very few times I’ve been surprised as the first time I saw Galleria Sciarra. Totally unexpected, because hided from outside, it’s one of the lesser known…

Villa Torlonia

Ma l’Amore no, Eva Nova Villa Torlonia is a Noble House located in Rome which became famous for being Mussolini’s residence during Fascism. Actually, Mussolini’s period is only the last one of the many changes the Villa had gone through….

Casina delle Civette in Villa Torlonia

Jóhann Jóhannsson, The Rocket Builder I took these pictures on April, during the exhibition “The art of cast iron in the XIX and XX centuries” open until 25th September. This exhibition is the first of its kind in Europe and documents the use…

On a sunny day in June

Analog pictures taken on a sunny day in June I was walking along Quirinal Palace and Piazza della Repubblica, except the last one (booklet of Erotica album I currently listening to).