Royal Palace of Caserta: the ’800 apartments

Joachim Murat’s bedroom, The Bed

The tour inside the wonderful Royal Palace of Caserta is divided in two section: the newer part, or the 19th century apartments, and the older part, or the 18th century apartments.

The newer part of the Palace is also said the 19th century part because it was ended and decorated during 1800, unlike the older part, ended in the 18th century. The style is neoclassic and the decoration is clearly in Empire style. This part of the Palace was mainly lived by Joachin Murat, who also changed some rooms, and the kings Ferdinando IV, Francesco I, Ferdinando II e Francesco II, the last Bourbon king of Italy.

Anti-chamber of the Halberdiers

Anti-chamber of the Bodyguards

Mars Hall

The Throne Hall

Hall of Council (Sala del Consiglio)

King’s rooms

Francesco II’s bedroom

Francesco II’s Little Bathroom

First anti-chamber of J. Murat

Second anti-chamber of J. Murat

Joachim Murat’s bedroom

Little Chapel of Pope Pio IX

Pope Litter

Backrooms (Retrostanze)

Big Stairway (Scalone d’onore):

Cappella Palatina:

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