The Doll

The Mechanical Doll, Nino Rota

Hans Bellmer dolls, 1930 ca.

Ernst Lubitsch’s, Die Puppe (1919)

What ever happened to Baby Jane?  (1962)

Jan Švankmajer, Jabberwocky (1971)

Federico Fellini, Casanova (1976)

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Bébé Marie) early 1940’s

Mechanical Dolls, Tim Walker for Vogue Italia, October 2011

Juergen Teller, unknown title

Courtney Love with Francis Bean, 1995

William Eggleston

Doll Parts video, Hole (1994)

Hunter Thompson 1960’s

Ralph Eugene Meatyard 1960’s

Broken Doll at flea market, Frank Horvat (1958)

Mannequin, Man Ray

Margaret Bourke-White


Lights and Shadows in a city of a million, 1920

(post mortem photograph)

all unknown from tumblr

source:; tumblr

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