Ha Noi

“…Sipping my cup of tea, in the moon nights, I stare at my shadow…”

Nguyễn Trãi

During the past two weeks I’ve been wandering around Vietnam and Cambodia. As I’ve never been to Asia before it was all new for my eyes and a deep amazement feeling  always supported me.

Ha Noi was the first city I saw in Vietnam and was also my first impact with Asia. I can’t describe my impressions as I was completely struck by every kind of smells, horns noise, rubbish spread on the streets, scooter coming and going and I felt a little bit confused and disoriented. Just after some hours I understood this no-order system was completly normal and totally functional. So I treid to capture moments of every day life in the streets of this incredible city, not thinking too much about exposure or shutter spreed and that’s what I saw…

Hanoi streets

hotel’s chandelier

Ho Chi Minh’s Tomb

Presidential Palace


Chua Mot Cot (One Pillar Pagoda)

Van Mieu (Temple of Literature)


spring rolls and fish sauce

a round on the cyclo while it’s raining

Chua Ba Da (The Stone Lady Pagoda)

Hoan Kiem Ho (Lake of the Returned Sword)

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

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