San Michele, Anacapri and Duomo, Ravello

Chiesa Monumentale di San Michele Arcangelo, Anacapri:

The Church of San Michele, dedicated to Saint Michael, was built from 1698 to 1719 and was founded by a nun from Capri named Mother Serafina di Dio who previously founded a nunnary near the same church. It’s one of the finest examples of Neapolitan Baroque architecture and although the façade of the church is very simple, as soon as you enter, you’ll see one of Capri’s architectural treasures.

The church has an octagonal Greek cross plan covered by a dome ceiling, a project attributed to the architect Antonio Domenico Vaccaro, who also built the Chiesa della Concezione in Naples.

The impressive high altar, donated by prince of San Nicandro in 1761, features a beautifully engraved marble altar dating from 1719 and by the “mastro marmoraro” Agostino Chirola, on both side there are two marble angels bearing a torch. Above the altar one can see the painting of Saint Michael the Archangel by the Neapolitan artist Nicola Malinconico.

The real attraction of the church is the marvelous hand painted ceramic tile floor. It shows the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. The dramatic scene takes place in a lush setting surrounded by trees, plants and all types of animals among which there’s also a unicorn.

This wonderfully preserved floor, dated from 1761, was donated by prince of Saint Nicandro and was created by “mastro riggiolaro” Leonardo Chiaiese, one of the best ceramic artists working in Naples in the 18th century.

Other altar of church and details

There also is a little museum inside the church, it displays vestments, altar cloths and holy vessels and a lot of little statuettes used for typical Neapolitan crèche and dated from 18th century.


Duomo, Ravello:

The Duomo of Ravello is placed in the city’s centre, very close to Villa Rufolo.

The right aisle contains a 14th century sarcophagus, donated by Bishop Francesco Castaldo, and a precious panel depicting Saint Michael Archangel defeating Satan, a 16th century work by Giovanni Angelo d’Amato from Maiori.

Saint Michael Archangel defeating Satan, by Giovanni Angelo d’Amato

The central nave contains, on both sides, two pulpits. On the right one can see the pulpit of the Gospels (Pulpito del Vangelo) created in 1272 by Nicolò di Bartolomeo from Foggia.

The chapel of San Pantaleone, just at the end of the left aisle, has a linear architectural plan that contrasts with the lavish decorations: the chapel holds the glass, gold and silver ampulla containing the saint’s solidified blood that miraculously liquefies each year.

other reliquiaries and ex voto

The facade


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    Grande lot di fotos, mio D’Amato famiglia di Comune di Ravello e Maiori. Perhaps Giovanni Angelo d’Amato has a connessione con mio famiglia ?

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