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The New York based jewelry designer Pamela Love is the proof that wunderkammer-culture, in some way, arrived till nowdays and today is still alive. She caught my attention when I knew she was the assistant of italian painter Francesco Clemente for years. In 2008 she released her first jewelry line inspired by anatomy, religious iconography, alchemy, mexican folks, wunderkammer, collections, shadow boxes. What immediately fascinated me seeing these picture are the moodboards she assembles to create the idea of collections.

She also said to be ispired by Joseph Cornell works for her jewels and said “As a child, I collected stamps, I collected coins, I collected crystals, I collected fossils. It came to a point where I became a collector of collections. Collecting objects and making a collection – there is a similar mental process.”

The inspiration that she take from travels along with idea of jewels conceived as talismans, make her work a research of human spirituality and her job the most desirable one, at least for me. Her style is made mainly by vintage pieces, tattoos and, of course, a lot of jewels and she rarely wear haute couture dresses.

here‘s an interesting video on Vogue Italia, here‘s on Vogue France and here‘s on Elle.

sources: stylelikeu; thecoveteur

The jewelry making process:

The Creations:

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