I love


1. Diamonds

(For the Love of God, Damien Hirst)

2. Sculpture

(Alexander McQuenn shoes)

anna dello russo

3. Wings

(Anna Dello Russo with Pugh headpiece via jak&jil)

Gustave doré

4. Drama

(Paradise Lost, Gustave Doré )

5. Silent movies

(Alla Nazimova in Salomé, 1923)

6. Feathers

(A. McQueen fall/winter 2009)

7. Middle age

(via V&A )

8. Ex voto

(via siciliarte)

9. Still life

(Conchiglie, Bartolomeo Bimbi XVIIsec.)

10. Collections

(via paulreasons)

11. Butterflies

(Inachis io in Buddleja davidii, Damien Hirst via gagosian)

12. Dreaming

(via SpanishMossVintage)

13.   70’s

(via SagaSig)

15. Religious Souvenirs

(unknown source via spanishmoss)

14. Dry Flowers

(unknown from tumblr)

16. Old Books

(Anna Dello Russo‘s house via Garance Doré)

17. Halls

(Hall of Mirrors, Versailles via wikipedia)

18. Cages

(unknown from tumblr)

19. Gold

(Queen’s Chambers, Versailles via wikipedia)

20. Kitsch

(via fashiontoast)

21. Wunderkammer / Cabinet of curiosities

(Treasure Chest, Georg Hainz 1666)

22. Theatrum Mundi

(Theatrum Mundi Armarium, Mark Dion&Robert Williams 2001)

23. Modern Wunderkammer

( Erin Wasson’s wardrobe via The Selby)

24. Rocks

(unknown from tumblr)

25.  ARTifice

(Saliera, Benvenuto Cellini 1540-3)

26. Crowns

(via V&A)

27. Rococò

(Porcelain lounge via Baroque)

28. Massive jewellery

(Dior jewellery)

29. Mirrors

(Pamela Love’s House via theselby)

30. Shells

(unknown from tumblr)

31. Taxidermy

(Nabokov’s butterflies collection, tumblr)

32. Dim Light

(unknown from tumblr)

33. Masks

34. Religious Iconography

(unknown source)

35.  Headpieces

(Chanel, Paris-Moscow collection,  f/w 2009)

36. 20’s Divas

(Theda Bara)

37. Drawings

(Rembrandt’s drawing via rembrandtpainting)

38. Erotic Art

(ex libris by F. Von Bayros)

39. Alchemy

(via deutschefotothek)

40. Astrology

(via fashionsquad)

41. Wild flowers

(via fashiontoast)

42. Rings

(via fashiontoast)

43. Sunset

(unknown from tumblr)

44. Balloons

(unknown from tumblr)

45. Lightness

(Polly Morgan’s artwork from tumblr)

46. Metamorphosis

(Misfit, Thomas Grünfeld’s creation from taxidermyinart)

47. Fossils

48. Skulls


49. Antlers

(via fashiontoast)

50. Veils

( Alexander McQueen 2006)

51. Shadows

( Theatre d’ombres, Christian Boltanski 1984)

If any of these pictures are yours and you need credits, let me know.

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