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Un affresco di silenzio

Me in front of Guido Cadorin frescoes at Hotel Ambasciatori and more pictures of my birthday night spent with my friend Gio. view from the room Rocaille-woman This was the cealing fresco and it is the only one I didn’t…

Me by Matteo Tenardi

in foto:Studio ed ipotesi d’installazione #2 per -Lo spazio è cio che arresta lo sguardo Thanks to Matteo Tenardi for this drawing inspired by my picture:

Me as Medusa by Chandra Viola

After my long-time interest in Medusa iconography, I couldn’t be much happier to be portrayed as Medusa by my friend, the illustrator Chandra Viola. Thanks Chandra! Notice the detail:

Pierrotgraphie for MerolaGloves

  Pierrotgraphie Gloves: Merola Tops: Sara Loi Sequinned collars: Gautier vintage ANGELO Photography: Elena Fortunati Styling: me and Gio Inspiration: Pierrot Merola is a famous and historic Roma-based house involved in the production and sales of leather gloves since 1885. The…