Pierrotgraphie for MerolaGloves



Gloves: Merola
Tops: Sara Loi
Sequinned collars: Gautier vintage ANGELO
Photography: Elena Fortunati
Styling: me and Gio
Inspiration: Pierrot

Merola is a famous and historic Roma-based house involved in the production and sales of leather gloves since 1885. The quality of their products, entirely made in Italy, and the history behind their house who provived gloves for films such as Roman Holidays, Titanic and The Best Offer, made me real honoured to represent their style.

This is the first of the three shootings, one per month, I will realize wearing Merola gloves trying to give a personal touch to each work. This month I choose Pierrot, a kind of graphic, mechanical and geometrical type of Pierrot which was perfect to show these gloves-to-the-knee in black and white leather.

For any kind of informations or inquieries go to Merola Contacts.

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